Sunday, December 20, 2015

Club Clio Haul


This particular haul was associated with a book signing for Kerry and Coco's Korean Beauty Secrets, along with half off the entire store! I'm a terrible person so I didn't get a book. But, I was able to meet Kerry of Skin and Tonics, Tracy of Fanserviced B, Stephen Alain (KindofStephen), and Michael Seong from Memebox. They are all wonderful people and I had a great time chatting with them! Maybe I should have stayed for karaoke...

What is it?

Club Clio is a Korean beauty brand which carries the well known Peripera products. They have a corperate owned store at Union Square, Manhattan, along with other locations scattered across NYC.


This haul costed me $44 USD.


Peripera Peri's Tint Water and Balm Best Friend Set
$24 USD each
Of course I would pick up their famous Peripera tints. I am obsessed with watery tints nowadays because they are so effortless to apply and they leave a beautiful stain. I don't know if the orange one is Orange Juice or Mandarin Juice, but I don't mind either!

Virgin Kiss Lipnicure in Trouble Peach
$20 USD
This product is suppose to parallel a manicure, but for your lips. They even have a top coat and a remover in the line. I tried the Lipnicure and there is a huge learning curve with it. At first, I applied a thin layer, but don't do that. It starts drying so quickly and you cannot layer wet and dry. All that does is cause the lip product to settle in fine lines and wrinkles and outline the lips. It was terribly unsightly, super drying, and is very long lasting. I had initially swatched it in the store and it did not even come off from someone digging their nails into my skin. It is the same for your lips if you use the Lipnicure. To remove it, I was in the shower to get my skin plump from the water, but you can get the same effect with leaving a wet towel on your skin. And then just gently use your favorite lip exfoliator and makeup remover to rid the Lipnicure.

Peripera Peri's Cushion Lips in OR04
I think this is a neat idea, and I've seen iterations of this across companies. Now, I can try it out myself!

And here's the bag of samples I received from participation of this event!

Waterest Lasting Water Oil
Full size: $30 USD

Goodal Natural Clear Deep Cleansing Gel to Foam
Full size: $18 USD
I tried the sample of this and the texture is lovely. It turns from a viscous, almost sticky, honey texture to a very low foam product.

Goodal Waterest First Essence
Full size: $30 USD

Goodal Double Bright Toner and Goodal Double Bright Emulsion
Full size: $30 USD | $30 USD

Goodal Phytowash Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling
Full size: $33 USD

Goodal Phytowash Yerba Mate Cleansing Foam
Full size: $ USD

Goodal Moisture Barrier Cream Fresh
Full size: $35 USD

Soo Ae Nature Collagen Essence Sheet Mask in Deep Sea Water
Full size: $3 USD


Besides the learning curve with the Lipnicure, I am still happy with my products! I can't wait to use them extensively to see how well they work.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

e.l.f. Site Haul No. 3

Purchased Affiliate / Referral Link

I have another e.l.f. haul installment! They recently had another half off sale on Nov. 11th, so of course I would take advantage of the discount!

What is it?

e.l.f. is a low end drugstore brand.


My total came out to be $43.50 USD.


I ordered this on Nov. 11th. Unfortunately, it was not shipped out until Nov. 20th and I will elaborate further on this below.


This time, there is no clear plastic bag, which is fine with me. There is an airpack that sat on top of everything inside the box. I can't say how much damage that singular airpack has mitigated, though.


Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight, Lilac Petal, and Pink Lemonade
$1.00 USD each
I purchased all the other varieties that I don't currently own. Golden Peach is in my possession, and it works as an eyeshadow or lip color topper, but not quite so much as highlighter because I don't find the shimmer to be fine enough. You can, of course, still use it as a highlighter if you like the look of it.

Shimmer Palette
$3.00 USD
Although I was able to play with a tester, the shimmers have too big of flecks for my liking as a highlighter. They are also very similar to the Shimmering Facial Whip, but a creamier texture and in a palette.

Eye Transformer
$3.00 USD
I was able to swatch this before purchase, and I love how unassuming the pressed powders look in the pan, but when it is layered over a darker base, it gives this beautiful sheen of red/pink, blue, green or yellow depending on the color you chose.

Eyeshadow Primer in Sheer
$3.00 USD
I did not receive this item. I was charged for it, even though it was marked on my invoice, indicating that they knew it was out of stock.

Glitter Primer in Sheer
$2.00 USD
I want to test e.l.f.'s eyeshadow primers to see if they are worth the rave reviews.

Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer in Sheer
$2.00 USD
Another primer I want to see if it's worth the hype.

Precision Liquid Eyeliner
$3.00 USD
I wanted to try this to see if it is better than their less expensive Expert Liquid Liner. It's not. The formula might be, as I have not extensively tested that, but the brush is most definitely not. It is too stiff and scratchy, and the hairs separate easily. I'd rather use the Expert Liquid Liner.

Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in Plum/Purple and Green/Moss
$3.00 USD
I already own the Pearl/Glow that I use for my lower lash line. I thought I'd expand on this collection because I like the one I have. Unfortunately, the Green/Moss one must have been out of stock once they put together my package.

3-in-1 Mascara
$3.00 USD
I purely purchased this for the crazy wand shape. I hope it is a dryer, more waterproof formula that can hold a curl.

HD Lifting Concealer in Adjusting, Balancing, Brightening, and Fair
$3.00 USD each
I like the tester from trying it out, and the color neutralizing ones did pretty well for a thin, but not runny, formula. The consistency reminds me of the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. The fair one seems like a good match due to it having greyish undertones rather than leaning red, orange, or yellow.

Corrective Concealer in Erase & Conceal
$3.00 USD
Just more color correcting, but with pink!

Eyebrow Duo Brush
$3.00 USD
I really like the angled brush end, and it seems like it can work for eyeliner, too! It is soft, unlike their Flat Eyeliner Brush and the Small Angled Brush. But the spoolie end is stiff and scratchy and tugs at my skin as I draw it across my brows. I currently use the Small Precision Brush for my brows, so I think I will pass this brush on.

Lash & Brow Comb
$3.00 USD
I wanted this to help separate my lashes even further once I've used mascara, or to apply mascara. It is absolute trash. You have to constantly wiggle the darn comb end as much as you can while you drag the comb upwards from the base of your lashes. If you don't, there's no chance that the comb will actually comb through your lashes. All this product does is tug on my lashes and lids. If you have mascara on, it just gets mascara everywhere. The teeth are just not thin enough. Skip this for a metal one instead. The brow comb is also stiff and scratchy, which pulls on my skin as I use it on my eyebrows.

Eye Shadow Brush
$1.00 USD
I was disappointed with the Eyeshadow "C" Brush because some hairs were scratchier than others and irritated my eyelids. So far, this brush's bristles are so much softer than the Studio line's, but there is some intense shedding going on. The shedding stopped as soon as I washed it.

Eye Crease Brush
$1.00 USD
This is another soft brush, and smaller than the Contour Brush. I have the same problems with the Contour Brush as the Eyeshadow "C" Brush, in that they had a few weird bristles that would scratch and irritate my skin. The Eye Crease Brush holds up pretty well so far, albeit it sheds. It stopped once I washed it.

Mineral Powder Brush
$3.00 USD
So I repurchased this because I remembered it being bigger, but nope. It works so much better than the Blush Brush and the Small Tapered Brush for powder blushes.

Matte Lip Color in Praline
$3.00 USD
I thought this color would match my lips. I like the formula in that it doesn't crack once it starts wearing away, and is non-drying. It lasts about 4 hours, but it doesn't hold up to food.

Mineral Infused Face Primer in Brightening Lavender and Tone Adjusting Green
$3.00 USD each
I just wanted to try them out. As you can see, I ordered the Tone Adjusting Green, but got the Illuminating Face Primer (Radiant Glow) instead.

Revitalizing Mist
$6.00 USD
So far, it smells good. Had I known it would be 30mL, I would not get this at it's full price.

Perfect Finish HD Powder
$3.00 USD
I am a combo oily person. Powder is at times a must.

High Definition Powder in Sheer
$3.00 USD
Another powder, but loose!

Customer Service

Like I said, I ordered this package on Nov. 11th. Once I haven't received a tracking number in at least 5 business days, I emailed e.l.f. to inquire about my order and why I couldn't log into my account. After about two days of no response from e.l.f., I saw their instagram post:

Elfettes: Please know we greatly appreciate our customers and would like to sincerely apologize for the recent issues surrounding our 11/11 sale. If your order has not been shipped yet, our shipping department has assured us that all orders will be sent out by the end of the day on November 21st. You will be sent an e-mail with tracking information at that time. If you have received an e-mail with tracking information and have had difficulties tracking your order, please track it at If your order is not showing movement when you are tracking it, please allow an additional two to three business days and check again. We greatly appreciate your patience and loyalty to e.l.f. and we apologize again for any inconvenience.

A photo posted by e.l.f. Cosmetics (@elfcosmetics) on

Social media is a good way to broadcast to the masses in an instant, so I am completely fine with them addressing issues with being overwhelmed. At around the same day, I received the following generic email message from customer service, and nothing about being unable to access my account:
Thank you so much for your inquiry. Please know that we greatly appreciate you as a customer and would like to apologize for any confusion. Due to the great success of our new website and our recent sale, our customer service department has been overwhelmed. We want to respond to you as quickly as possible and think that the following should help answer some of your questions.

If your order has not been shipped yet, our shipping department has assured us that all orders will be sent out by the end of the day on November 21st. You will be sent an e-mail with tracking information at that time.

If you have received an e-mail with tracking information and have had difficulties tracking your order, please track it at If your order is not showing movement when you are tracking it, please allow an additional two to three business days and check again.

We greatly appreciate your patience and loyalty to e.l.f. and we apologize again for any inconvenience.

The e.l.f. Team

I can see why I have two missing items and a wrong item in my order. And they've circled the products in the invoice they slip into the package, but I have not been reimbursed for items at the time that they knew the items are out of stock when they got to my shipment. They were also cramming to pack and ship it out on Nov. 21st, along with who knows how many other people's. I am okay with my items being later than usual, as I am in no hurry to get them because I am not constrained to. I just would have liked that e.l.f. increased the time they've allotted for themselves so they can pack the orders properly.

They also did another two half off sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so that delayed the customer service communication. The good news is that they've refunded me for my missing items once I sent another email.


e.l.f. has corrected their shipment issue by refunding me, so there's no problem with customer service. Along with that, I am happy, as always, to receive and play with my goodies!


Use Ebates for some cashback at e.l.f.! It's $10 credit when you first join. I get $10 back if you use my link.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

ShopMissA Haul


I did a ShopMissA haul because they had inexpensive items on their website. There are plenty of Youtubers documenting the haul, albeit given press samples or were sponsored, but it still perked my interest in them.

What is it?

ShopMissA's main selling feature is their $1 USD for most items, which includes products that range from cosmetics, to socks, to hair accessories.


Every individual item in my haul costs $1 USD!


$3.95 flat rate shipping for within the United States for any purchase amount.


The package came in a plastic shipping bag. My products were bubble wrapped and foam encased.


Naisture 15 Minutes: Mask Pack in Green Tea
$1 USD
I love sheet masks, and so why not try another Korean brand mask? I haven't used it yet, but I would be down to just get all the variants from this line to compare with each other.

Stainless Steel Eyebrow Scissors
$1 USD
A sharp pair of scissors. I don't know how long it will last, but it shears pretty well.

Vintage Cola Lip Gloss in Lemon
$1 USD
The lemon scent is so faint that the generic gloss smell overpowers it completely. I never planned to use the gloss, because I don't like their texture. I will get the other varieties in the line to collect because I like the packaging.

Card Holder/ Pouch in Brown
$1 USD
This worked better than I initially thought it would because it was a bit flimsier than I'd like it to be. But, it holds up well for my transportation pass.

Kleancolor Ms. Chick Blush in Gauva
$1 USD
This has a beautiful color, but it has a weird powdery scent. The smell is off putting and the blush is so sheer and I am having problems picking it up and applying it with my brushes, as well as just my fingers.

Kleancolor Pair-IS Escape Lip & Cheek Cream Tint in Sweet Wine
$1 USD
This has that generic lip balm / gloss scent, a nondescript sweet and fruity smell. It has a wonderful texture that is so smooth and velvety, like silicone primers. I can't say much for lasting power as a blusher because I haven't tested it out that way yet, but as a balm, it lasts as long as a balm normally would. The packaging is also pretty solid. I will definitely get more from this line.

Kleancolor Mark of Love Lipstick in Merlot Adore
$1 USD
I did not know that this has a crazy amount of shimmer, and there are rare specks of larger chunks of glitter that I'm not even sure can be in makeup. I will not be repurchasing this due to the frosty finish it gives off.

Kleancolor Muuaaah! Lip Stain in Candy Orange
$1 USD
The lip stain is a beautiful orange-red color and is smudge proof. That is, until in the presence of water, which renders this lip stain pretty useless. It already needs retouching in an hour. Using a lip balm or gloss on top helps to extend the life of the stain and prevents the touch of dryness from the nature of a watery lip stain, but the stain mixes into the balm / gloss and wears away with it. Will not repurchase.

Kleancolor Kajal Eyeliner in White
$1 USD
I will also not be repurchasing this. It has a terrible petrol-like smell and it is so offending that I tossed it out after I tested it. And it is way too creamy to be used as an eyeliner since it smudges right away because the texture is akin to the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.

Woven Yoga Hair Tie Set
$1 USD each
They are fold over elastic hair ties, except the ones with the charm, which are just braided elastic hair ties. These make nice little gifts, but I don't think this particular set is sold anymore. I already gave the pink set to my mother. The charm also says "Made with love". Right...

72 Piece Black & White Bobby Pins
$1 USD
My bobby pins always fall into unknown chasms, so I always have to replenish my stock.

Lia Flower & Rope Headband in Red
$1 USD
This is a pretty floral headband, but the flowers are made of paper... I will give this away because I accidentally ordered a red one.

Flora Open Cuff Ring in Gold
$1 USD
This ring has a great design that is adjustable to your finger size. I like it so far.

Oval Stone Vintage Ring in Black
$1 USD
Uhhhhhh... So I didn't realize that the design does not allow for different finger sizes. This ring is way too big for me.

Dangling Circles Ankle Bracelet in Silver
$1 USD
A dainty ankle bracelet that I really like, but one of the rhinestones already fell off in the first half hour of use. Glue can fix that.

Cute Animal Stationary
$1 USD each
I would have picked up the polar bear one, too, but it was out of stock. Not much of a reason to get them besides the cuteness factor.

Customer Service

So I had a little run in paying with Paypal, in which Paypal didn't load properly for me as I submitted payment. So I went on to the ShopMissA website and the cart was still full, which I thought that the Paypal payment did not go through because of this. So I submitted payment again. Once I did that, I actually received two emails confirming my payment to both of the orders I submitted. So I emailed ShopMissA about the mistake, and I received this message:
Thank you for shopping with us at Miss A and we thank you for your message!

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, but since the orders are sent directly over to the warehouse for shipment, we are unable to "modify" any orders in the system. We always strive to send out orders as fast as we can, so we are unable to change/modify or cancel any orders.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and we will be happy to accept any returns if you are unsatisfied with any of the products you receive. If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and let us know how we can help.

Have a wonderful day!
Miss A Team

Which is an inconvenience, and understandable at the time. Good thing I contacted Paypal (along with ShopMissA, as mentioned above) at pretty much the same time I found out that I paid twice to correct this and it was Paypal who informed ShopMissA that the payment was a mistake. I don't see why it needed to take Paypal's authority to say that the payment was an error to resolve this issue, along with them shipping out my package two days after this conversation, which means there was plenty of time to rectify this incident.


Pushing the customer service issue aside, which I found annoying, but sort of understandable, I enjoyed this haul and will plan another purchase from ShopMissA. I've seen great pigmentation from swatches of Kleancolor eyeshadows, and I'd would love a plastic floral headband. I'm probably going to get more stationary, too!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nov. 2015 Loot Crate [Combat] Unboxing

Purchased Affiliate / Referral Link

Tofu already has a subscription to Loot Crate, and since they were doing a promo that allows two free boxes to other people, I was able to sign up for the November box free of charge.

What is it?

Loot Crate is a geekery monthly subscription box full of trinkets that range from tees to mugs, and figurines to stickers. Each month has a theme, and this month's is Combat.


I "purchased" mine for $0, but the regular pricing models can be viewed here.


My box was free and there was no shipping cost, but the usually amount is $6 USD per box.


It comes in a black box with the Loot Crate logo outside of it, as seen above. There are no extra packaging materials.


All of the contents inside the black box.

TMNT Shredder Sunglasses
First up are these Shredder shades. They are funky, but other than that, I don't know what to do with them! I can't really display them, either. I feel neutral about them and I might give them away to someone.

Exclusive Fallout 4 Vault Boy Bobble Head
And here's Vault Boy! But... I don't follow the Fallout franchise so this is a miss for me. Plus, I don't like bobble heads. It will be given away to someone who appreciates it.

Cute But Deadly Vinyl Mystery Figures
Cute But Deadly look like a selection of Blizzard's characters turned chibified and stuffed into blind bags. The last Blizzard game I played was Warcraft 3. Anyways, I wanted Sylvanas but got Zeratul instead. Tofu wants it, so it will be given to him. These figures are pretty hefty for their size, and are well painted.

Exclusive Cute But Deadly Magnet Set
These are magnets to accompany the blind bag figurines.

Exclusive Street Fighter Hyper Looting Comic Book
A Street Fighter comic book. I'm not particularly a fan of Street Fighter, and this comic looks kinda cheesy from the title. Now I gotta find a Street Fighter comic book lover to pass this on.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Pin
Although I am partial to the Hunger Games, the mockingjay pin is beautiful with its intricate details of the wings, tail, and breast feathers. I'm keeping this and I'll wear it to the movie showing.

Combat Pin
Of course, there's the Loot Crate pin. Gotta collect them all!

Here's the Loot Crate pamphlet of interviews, box contents, and prizes of the Mega Crate. Do people actually read any of the contents besides what is included in the box? They have the zine online and I think printing it is just a waste of material resources.

There's also 4 perforated tags that you rip out so you can gift someone some loot with those tags.


I'll have to say that this box, and Loot Crate as a whole, is not for me. I am simply not interested in the majority of this particular box because I do not really keep up with a lot of pop culture happenings and like enough of a variety of stuff. When I initially found out about Loot Crate, I was excited for the reveals and wanted to purchase a subscription. It is a good thing I did not and chose to view the contents from month to month as a bystander, because then I would be disappointed and out of money.


Save $3: SAVE3


If you do want to subscribe, feel free to use my affiliate link here along with the code posted above.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just Another Lunch No. 5

A sandwich for lunch!

Included is:
  • German rye slices with caraway seeds.
  • Tribe Swirl Sweet Red Pepper Hummus on the bread.
  • Lettuce and beefsteak tomato slices.
  • Green Way Garden Veggie Burger pattie pan seared with salt and cracked black peppercorn.
  • Various small tomatoes from the farmer's market.
  • Muscadine grapes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Just Another Lunch No. 4

Another pasta meal!

I have:
  • Rigatoni with Classico Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo sauce.
  • Tender smoked salmon from a family friend. It is so soft that the meat just flakes apart in my hands.
  • Chopped tomato and yellow onion.
  • Scallions and cilantro for garnish.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 4 Unboxing

Purchased Affiliate / Referral Link

Well, this was a late unboxing... So late, that Memebox's global site is now USA only.

I've been wanting one of the My Cute Wishlist Memeboxes, particularly the first one, but they never restock it! They restocked the fourth one and I like all the contents enough that I bought it.

What is it?

Memebox is a South Korean based company that makes mystery cosmetic boxes you can purchase until they run out of stock of that particular box.

I bought the My Cute Wishlist 4 because of all the cute skincare items! Although the Apple Mojito Memebox I bought also has the TONYMOLY Red Appletox Honey Cream, I do not mind getting another one.

"For endless days and nights, we scoured through the entire country searching for the cutest, most lovable beauty products in the world! We went through a deluge of beauty product wonders and carefully selected only the best to bring you a box packed with whimsical – and effective- beauty products that will once again make the My Cute Wishlist series a Memebox fan favorite!

Loaded with some seriously adorable and hard-to-find beauty loot—straight from the hotbed of cute beauty products - this My Cute Wishlist #4 will make you ridiculously giddy with excitement!

Who else does cute like we do?"


This particular box is priced at $23 USD, and the lowest shipping cost of standard shipping is $6.99 USD. I only paid $38.98 USD along with the Apple Mojito because I have a bunch of Memebox store credit.


The box shipped on Jan. 21st. It arrived on Feb. 9th.


Like all other Memeboxes, this one features the Memebox trade dress of the pink bubble mailer and the pink box. There was also tissue paper to prevent rattling.


TONYMOLY Red Appletox Honey Cream
Full Size Value: $9 USD for 80mL
Product Size Value: $9 USD for 80mL

This is the deliciously smelling TONYMOLY Appletox apple! It doesn't have a typical "cream" consistency, more like a slimy gel texture that feels so silky.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick
Full Size Value: $4.50 USD for 2g
Product Size Value: $4.50 USD for 2g

I don't ever mind more lip balms, specially in packaging like this!

Yadah Vita-Whitening Gel
Full Size Value: $12 USD for 5mL
Product Size Value: $12 USD for 5mL

I don't know what to make of this one. It is just an itty bitty bit of moisturizer for such a high price.

Yadah Puregreen Moisturizing Cream
Full Size Value: $12 USD for 5mL
Product Size Value: $12 USD for 5mL

Same thoughts as the gel.

ddung Liquid Eyeliner
Full Size Value: $12 USD for 5mL
Product Size Value: $12 USD for 5mL

This is cute! I like using liquid eyeliners so this one is useful, unless the formula sucks.

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Steam Starter
Full Size Value: $6 USD for 30mL
Product Size Value: $6 USD for 30mL

Steam starter? So is there an exothermic reaction when rubbed onto your skin? Why would I need that? I'll test it out but I'd rather just do an oil massage.

Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack in Milk
Full Size Value: $2 USD for 3mL
Product Size Value: $2 USD for 3mL

Not only can you use this for your lips, but for your nipples, too... I've never tried lip masks, and I'm not too keen on trying them, as they look like a pain to use and have adhere to your lips while waiting.

Pure Smile Snail Hand Cream in Milk
Full Size Value: $5 USD for 60g
Product Size Value: $5 USD for 60g

Definitely will get use out of this one! Give me all the snails!

TONYMOLY Egg Pore Nose Pack
Full Size Value: $7 for 7 sheets
Product Size Value: $7 for 7 sheets

I've never used a nose pore strip before, and it's not like they do much to what many claim are blackheads, but are sebaceous filaments that will return as long as your nose continues to produce sebum. Mine returns the next day when I had the bad habit of squeezing my sebaceous filaments out. On top of that, my nose got so dry and flaky, and the skin peels off. All the more reason to stop picking on what is naturally occurring. But! I am very curious to try at least one strip for experimentation.


Total Box Value: $69.50 USD

I'd still prefer the first ever My Cute Wishlist Memebox with all the a;t fox cupcake moisturizers, the Snow White in a tracksuit eyeliner set, paw print pads, a Muddy Girl pack, the Kocostar hair treatment with the hair ribbon, an Etude House candy cane lip balm, and the Etude House Missing U hand cream. That was much cuter than this box I bought, but I never saw it get restocked in two Memebox restocks. This box is still cute, though, and I do not regret my purchase of it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paula's Choice Haul

Purchased Affiliate / Referral Link

My first Paula's Choice haul! I wanted to try out their vitamin C serum so I decided to take advantage of a $10 USD off referral for first time customers purchasing over $15 USD and their free shipping promo for under $50 USD.

What is it?

Paula's Choice is a cosmetics company that focuses on evidence based body care.


I paid $8 total for my haul. Because of the promo, there was no shipping charge for my order. I also used Ebates to get a bit of cashback.


I bought my products on Feb. 23rd, my order shipped Feb. 24th, and it arrived on Feb. 26th.


My package came in a box with Paula's Choice's logo on the outside. There was brown paper padding the top and bottom of the inside of the box.


I actually only purchased the following two items.

Resist C15 Super Booster
Full Size: $40.80 USD for 20mL / 0.67oz
Trial Size: $9.00 USD for 3.5mL / 0.12oz
I bought two vials of the sample sized vitamin C serum because I've been meaning to try one that is well formulated and includes l-ascorbic acid, tocopherol, and ferulic acid. I also needed two of the samples to be able to bump the cost of my order over $15 to take advantage of the referral credit.

But there might be a problem...

The serum is a golden yellow upon opening the product, which indicates that it has oxidized to the point where it may be too ineffective as a vitamin C serum to function as advertised.

And here are the samples!

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion Exfoliant
Full Size: $26.00 USD for 100mL / 3.3oz
Sample Size: $9.00 USD for 1.5mL or 0.05oz
I'm looking for a non-drying BHA exfoliant because my current BHA exfoliant, Stridex Max Strength, is way too drying and I can't stand tightness I get from it. It also leaves a weird film and I'm not a fan of that.

Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant
Full Size: $26.00 USD for 100mL / 3.3oz
Sample Size: $9.00 USD for 1.5mL or 0.05oz
The last AHA I tried was the St. Ives pads and I didn't think they worked very well. That was also 4-5% lactic acid, while this utilizes 8% glycolic acid.

Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with Retinol
Full Size $30.00 USD for 30mL / 1oz
Sample Size $1.00USD for 3mL / 0.03oz
I picked this because I didn't see much interesting things on the free samples selection. I might try a moisturizer or toner next time.

And here are the printed materials.

I checked to receive the 20 Beauty Myths Busted and How to Put a Skincare Routine Together so I can read what Paula has to say.

Customer Service

I contacted customer service because of the golden yellow color of the C15 Booster.
"Hi Paula's Choice, I have questions about the Resist C15 Super Booster. At which point will the product indicate that it is oxidized to a point that we shouldn't be using it anymore? Or can we still use the product even if it has oxidized to a golden yellow color? Thank you. "
They responded:
"Thank you for taking the time to contact us today! The RESIST C15 Super Booster should be a liquid, and have a clear to a light yellowish tone. Although judging color can be somewhat subjective, the issue with destabilization of high amounts of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) comes into play once this vitamin begins to discolor significantly, i.e. turning a deep yellow/orange or deep brown shade. This is a sign the vitamin C has become less active which can occur over time, hence our recommendation to use this serum within three months of opening. Since the sample size contains a significantly smaller amount, and the bottle doesn’t have the same air restrictor that the full sized bottle has, which is why the trial size turns a darker yellow color slightly quicker.

A minor color variation is normal for products that don't contain artificial colorants to maintain a consistent shade, so between batches there can be a subtle difference in shade due to the natural color of the raw materials used to make the product. This does not mean the product is ineffective or less effective than if it were completely colorless. I’ve included a visual below of different color variations for this product (all are completely safe and effective to use).

 photo unnamed_zpstdkjmxuw.png

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

This is exceptional customer service. They responded by the next day I had submitted my inquiry. Not only that, but they are well informed and gave a detailed explanation and all the possibilities of what could have happened for troubleshooting. I've seen similar questions and responses to and from PC's customer service, and I would say that there is consistency in the messages, which means that they are well trained on what info to give to its customers.

I think they should include a photo of when the color of the serum will indicate that it is not safe to use and I am still unsure of how oxidized my product is. Since mine is the rightmost shade, my serum may not be good to use. I am going to assume that the trial size is okay and on the verge of going bad. I will use it for testing the formula for breakouts, allergic reactions, texture, or other issues and not necessarily for lightening my pigmentation or anti-aging purposes.


Besides my vitamin C serum trouble, I will repurchase from Paula's Choice again! I am happy with my order and the excellent customer service.


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