Thursday, October 30, 2014

Etude House Official Site Haul


Hey everyone! So recently, Etude House had a grand opening for their global site. Of course, I took advantage of the opening because they were giving away a tote bag and some samples for the first 1000 customers.

What is it?

Etude House is a Korean beauty brand that emphasizes the "play" aspect of makeup. You can check out their brand story here!


My haul costs $44.15 USD with shipping and a 15% off discount.


Shipping is by destination, weight, and shipping method. Check out Etude's shipping table.

You will receive a tracking number with either standard packet or EMS. They marked my order as a gift and put the exact value of purchased items excluding shipping.

I ordered my package on Oct. 1st. The package was in Incheon on Oct. 11th, and my package arrived on Oct. 24th.


As you can see from the image below, Etude House bubble wrapped every cosmetics product! Only the bag was left out of any safety protection, but that is obviously understandable.


Onto the haul!

Box opened. The contents inside, still wrapped. So much bubble wrap!

No more bubble wrap! Everything laid out.

SUNSHINE IN SPOON in S.M.Y Sugar Apple and S.M.C Soy Bean
$1.00 USD for 14mL
These just looked fun to get, and it was inexpensive.

Every Month Cleansing Foam in #9 Rice
$3.50 USD for 100mL
I purchased this because I need a better cleanser and it was relatively inexpensive. I couldn't find any pH testing done for this so I blindly bought it and pH tested it. It came out to be about 8 to 9... Not happy about that and something to consider if you are iffy about high pH skincare products.

Play Therapy Sleeping Pack in Moist Up
$8.00 USD for 150mL
I recently patch tested this and it is lighter than my creams, even though it should be the last thing to put on your skin right before bed. If I use this in my routine, I'm probably going to use this product some days and rotate it with my current creams on other days.

Missing U Hand Cream in Panda and Harp Seal
$4.50 USD for 30mL
One for me and one for a friend.

Oh Happy Day Hand Bouquet Rich in Vitamin and Water
$3.00 USD for 25mL
I got these one for $1.50 each. I needed hand creams for on-the-go, and these seem to be the perfect size for that.

Dear Darling Lip Tint in 1 Berry, 2 Real Red, and 3 Vampire Red
$4.00 USD for 5g
These smell like cough syrup and though you're not suppose to eat them (they get on your tongue anyways), they taste very bitter. When they dry off after you've applied them, your lips are slightly tacky. They wipe off as easily as lipsticks wipe off, so I'm not upset about its longevity, but I expected them to last longer because they are suppose to stain. Maybe I need to exfoliate my lips better?

The freebies!

Sparkling Toc!s All In One Gel
Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit in N02
Moistfull Collagen Cream
Moistfull Collagen Peeling Wash
Milky You Cleansing Foam
Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam
Baking Powder B.B Deep Cleansing Foam
Go Back To The Best Time of Your Skin Firming Eye Cream
Hello Raspberry & Cranberry Wash

And the last item on the freebies list is the tote bag! As you can see, the bag is pretty textured. That's because it thick and sturdy, and seems pretty durable. I hope that it does last as long as it looks.


I picked these items so of course, I will enjoy the majority of them. The one dud so far is the Every Month Cleansing Foam, so I hope I can repurpose it or hand it to someone who does not mind the high pH. Other than that, I am very happy with the haul and with the Etude House site itself. Customer service was also great! I did not know how to find out my shipping status or tracking number, and when I emailed Etude House, they gave me my shipping status, my tracking number, which site to input said tracking number, and when I should be expecting my package. Thank you, K. H. Lee and Etude!