Sunday, January 11, 2015

Holiday and New Year


Happy Holidays! And Happy New Year~!

I took a much needed vacation after my finals weeks, because part of the time I was on a cumulative 8 hours of sleep for three days due to having a particular final the day after one of the previous.

To prepare for the holidays, I participated in Cookie Day and did the biscotti and magic cookie bars. The actual vacation, where the car ride totals about 20 hours round trip, was spent mostly eating and sleeping. And maybe playing with two dogs who forgets who I am the next day for all the days I've seen them; they bared their teeth as they approached me until they remembered my scent... New Year's Eve and into the new year was celebrated with Munchkins and D&D with a complimentary side of snacks, of course. New Year was White Castle, Loaded Questions and Card Against Humanity! See the theme yet? My days were just centered around feasting.

As for purchases, I didn't really get a lot of stuff.

This was $4 USD and was the only item I got during my vacation. It is a Boeing B-17 metal model with spinnable props and landing gear, and doubles as a pencil sharpener! I got this because it is reminiscent of my childhood when I used to play with Hot Wheels cars. Now I have an aircraft to play with! Or the more probable situation of sitting forever untouched on my desk and hoping that it doesn't roll off...

This was from Rite Aid for $4.99 USD, which was the half off price from the after holiday sale. A cast iron pan to fit one giant cookie? I'm in! Plus, the pan is the perfect size for cooking a sunny side up chicken egg!

This post holiday haul was from CVS. The hair elastics were $2.50 USD, while the chocolates were $1.25 USD each.

This is my first time using elastic ribbon hair holders because I refuse to buy them at the ridiculous price of about a dollar per elastic everywhere I go. I find that for ponytails, it tends to slip off easily on a daily wear basis, so I might use this for braids. I also have straight hair that I condition regularly, so maybe that contributed to the slippage?

I once ate similar orange slices chocolates by the Terry brand years ago but never knew where to get them in stores, and I finally found some! But it looks like it is seasonal? The chocolate has a wonderful orange flavor, and the spherical nature of the chocolate ball is so because it is meant to look like an orange! You are suppose to tap gently at the top of the orange to separate all the individual orange slices.

And lastly, I bought a skeleton Hello Kitty tin and a NES controller one from a Japanese toy store for $3.99 and $4.99 USD, respectively. The Hello Kitty candies are Skelly Bones; chalky, generic fruit flavor that leans toward a Necco orange taste. The Nintendo tin contains mints. My friend bought a choice purchase of the Hylian shield from OOT and a Mario World star when we were at the store together. We might go back for more until we find it cheaper or less of a trek elsewhere.

And this concludes my holiday adventures and what not.

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