Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just Another Lunch No. 3

This is a lunch that I make when I run out of leftovers to pack. It is a simple, no frills meal that I make in the morning to pack for lunch.

I have:
  • A twist on the classic egg salad. I used two hard boiled eggs with Japanese mayo, salt, sugar, pepper, and cilantro to create this side.
  • Steamed peas with yellow onions, pepper and salt.
  • Jasmine rice with furikake.
The rice is easily cooked in the rice cooker, while the peas are done in a double boiler method right over the eggs in the same pot on the stove. This means that I am cooking all of my lunch at once and am still able to make and eat breakfast while prepping, waiting, and packing my lunch for the day, along with the general getting ready routine.

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