Sunday, November 29, 2015

ShopMissA Haul


I did a ShopMissA haul because they had inexpensive items on their website. There are plenty of Youtubers documenting the haul, albeit given press samples or were sponsored, but it still perked my interest in them.

What is it?

ShopMissA's main selling feature is their $1 USD for most items, which includes products that range from cosmetics, to socks, to hair accessories.


Every individual item in my haul costs $1 USD!


$3.95 flat rate shipping for within the United States for any purchase amount.


The package came in a plastic shipping bag. My products were bubble wrapped and foam encased.


Naisture 15 Minutes: Mask Pack in Green Tea
$1 USD
I love sheet masks, and so why not try another Korean brand mask? I haven't used it yet, but I would be down to just get all the variants from this line to compare with each other.

Stainless Steel Eyebrow Scissors
$1 USD
A sharp pair of scissors. I don't know how long it will last, but it shears pretty well.

Vintage Cola Lip Gloss in Lemon
$1 USD
The lemon scent is so faint that the generic gloss smell overpowers it completely. I never planned to use the gloss, because I don't like their texture. I will get the other varieties in the line to collect because I like the packaging.

Card Holder/ Pouch in Brown
$1 USD
This worked better than I initially thought it would because it was a bit flimsier than I'd like it to be. But, it holds up well for my transportation pass.

Kleancolor Ms. Chick Blush in Gauva
$1 USD
This has a beautiful color, but it has a weird powdery scent. The smell is off putting and the blush is so sheer and I am having problems picking it up and applying it with my brushes, as well as just my fingers.

Kleancolor Pair-IS Escape Lip & Cheek Cream Tint in Sweet Wine
$1 USD
This has that generic lip balm / gloss scent, a nondescript sweet and fruity smell. It has a wonderful texture that is so smooth and velvety, like silicone primers. I can't say much for lasting power as a blusher because I haven't tested it out that way yet, but as a balm, it lasts as long as a balm normally would. The packaging is also pretty solid. I will definitely get more from this line.

Kleancolor Mark of Love Lipstick in Merlot Adore
$1 USD
I did not know that this has a crazy amount of shimmer, and there are rare specks of larger chunks of glitter that I'm not even sure can be in makeup. I will not be repurchasing this due to the frosty finish it gives off.

Kleancolor Muuaaah! Lip Stain in Candy Orange
$1 USD
The lip stain is a beautiful orange-red color and is smudge proof. That is, until in the presence of water, which renders this lip stain pretty useless. It already needs retouching in an hour. Using a lip balm or gloss on top helps to extend the life of the stain and prevents the touch of dryness from the nature of a watery lip stain, but the stain mixes into the balm / gloss and wears away with it. Will not repurchase.

Kleancolor Kajal Eyeliner in White
$1 USD
I will also not be repurchasing this. It has a terrible petrol-like smell and it is so offending that I tossed it out after I tested it. And it is way too creamy to be used as an eyeliner since it smudges right away because the texture is akin to the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.

Woven Yoga Hair Tie Set
$1 USD each
They are fold over elastic hair ties, except the ones with the charm, which are just braided elastic hair ties. These make nice little gifts, but I don't think this particular set is sold anymore. I already gave the pink set to my mother. The charm also says "Made with love". Right...

72 Piece Black & White Bobby Pins
$1 USD
My bobby pins always fall into unknown chasms, so I always have to replenish my stock.

Lia Flower & Rope Headband in Red
$1 USD
This is a pretty floral headband, but the flowers are made of paper... I will give this away because I accidentally ordered a red one.

Flora Open Cuff Ring in Gold
$1 USD
This ring has a great design that is adjustable to your finger size. I like it so far.

Oval Stone Vintage Ring in Black
$1 USD
Uhhhhhh... So I didn't realize that the design does not allow for different finger sizes. This ring is way too big for me.

Dangling Circles Ankle Bracelet in Silver
$1 USD
A dainty ankle bracelet that I really like, but one of the rhinestones already fell off in the first half hour of use. Glue can fix that.

Cute Animal Stationary
$1 USD each
I would have picked up the polar bear one, too, but it was out of stock. Not much of a reason to get them besides the cuteness factor.

Customer Service

So I had a little run in paying with Paypal, in which Paypal didn't load properly for me as I submitted payment. So I went on to the ShopMissA website and the cart was still full, which I thought that the Paypal payment did not go through because of this. So I submitted payment again. Once I did that, I actually received two emails confirming my payment to both of the orders I submitted. So I emailed ShopMissA about the mistake, and I received this message:
Thank you for shopping with us at Miss A and we thank you for your message!

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, but since the orders are sent directly over to the warehouse for shipment, we are unable to "modify" any orders in the system. We always strive to send out orders as fast as we can, so we are unable to change/modify or cancel any orders.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and we will be happy to accept any returns if you are unsatisfied with any of the products you receive. If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and let us know how we can help.

Have a wonderful day!
Miss A Team

Which is an inconvenience, and understandable at the time. Good thing I contacted Paypal (along with ShopMissA, as mentioned above) at pretty much the same time I found out that I paid twice to correct this and it was Paypal who informed ShopMissA that the payment was a mistake. I don't see why it needed to take Paypal's authority to say that the payment was an error to resolve this issue, along with them shipping out my package two days after this conversation, which means there was plenty of time to rectify this incident.


Pushing the customer service issue aside, which I found annoying, but sort of understandable, I enjoyed this haul and will plan another purchase from ShopMissA. I've seen great pigmentation from swatches of Kleancolor eyeshadows, and I'd would love a plastic floral headband. I'm probably going to get more stationary, too!

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