Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Memebox Apple Mojito Unboxing

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Yay! I finally got the Apple Mojito Memebox~! I was able to snag this up during the Big Box Party 2015 restock craze.

What is it?

Memebox is a South Korean based company that makes mystery cosmetic boxes you can purchase until they run out of stock of that particular box.

I bought the Apple Mojito box because I really like the apple theme. They have the cute TONYMOLY apple, as well as a cupcake lip balm!

"There’s no alcohol necessary to turn you into an addict, because this box is packed with a healthy crush of high-energy refreshing fruit mixes that levels up your beauty! Bursting with skin and body healthy mixes, this box contains all things all of the best beauty wonders to pamper your skin and body! You’ll surely be asking for the second rounds!"


This particular box is priced at $19 USD, and the lowest shipping cost of standard shipping is $6.99 USD. I paid $38.98 USD along with the My Cute Wishlist 4 because I have a bunch of Memebox store credit.


The box shipped on Jan. 21st. I received the box on Feb. 4th.


The Memebox comes in a pink bubble mailer. Inside is the pink box, and the contents are cushioned with tissue paper.


Enesti Apple & Honey Shea Butter Hand Cream
Full Size Value: $5 USD for 50g
Product Size Value: $5 USD for 50g

I think this smells really good! I'll get some use out of this for sure!

A.H.C Climax Foam Cleanser
Full Size Value: $29 USD for 180mL
Product Size Value: $29 USD for 180mL

This is the product that I feel meh about even before the purchase. Tofu urged me to get the box anyways, so I blame him for my cleanser dilemma. What am I going to do with this?

Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm in Lemon Cupcake
Full Size Value: $6 USD for 6g
Product Size Value: $6 USD for 6g

I actually have a smaller version of this, not made by Holika Holika. It seems like Holika Holika is not the only brand that uses these lip balm cupcakes and possibly rebrands them. I like how they look, but mojitos don't use lemons...

Purederm Smile Turn-over Lemon Peel
Full Size Value: $24 USD for 170mL
Product Size Value: $24 USD for 170mL

I have a hard time believing this product costs $24 when it is a low end drugstore brand product. It has denatured alcohol as the second ingredient, which I don't think I will be using now because I patch tested it and it is way too drying.

TONYMOLY Red Appletox Honey Cream
Full Size Value: $12 USD for 80mL
Product Size Value: $12 USD for 80mL

I love this product! It is a very smooth, silky, cooling gel that is on the droopier side. It smells so delicious!


Total Box Value: $76 USD

I am not too happy with two items in this box, so this box is basically worth $23 to me. I like the idea of the box, and I should have looked closer into the PUREDERM toner because I was looking forward to that. The box could also have been better executed because there are limes, not lemons, in mojitos. Lime as the advertised ingredient does exist in Korean cosmetics, but I guess lemon themed ones are easier to get a hold of and there's more variety from different brands. In short, I don't really care for this box even though I knew the contents. I didn't mind it being slightly off theme because I thought it was only the cleanser that I wouldn't like.

Despite this "eh" review, I still will enjoy the items I do like from this Memebox.

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