Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Post from Peaches


Words cannot contain my excitement and gratefulness. My dear friend Peaches and I exchanged parcels with each other. I am admiring the decorative trim of washi tape on the box!

AHHHHHHHHHHH is all I can type to express my thoughts! All I did was open the flaps of the box and flipped over the paper, and there's already a bunny staring at me!

This is all the stuff laid out!

Yummmm, Gummy Choco... They are exactly as the name suggests, an outer coat of white chocolate covering gummy centers. The strawberry fish looks like a wafer-esque, airy cookie with a strawberry flavored filling. The package on the right is a custard apple flavored Pretz. I like anything from Pretz, but I thought they only did more savory flavors whereas Pocky had the sweets? The box in the center is my first Poppin Cookin set!!! I'm going to be making candy sushi~!

Cola candies! Are they gummy? And I tried the top center yellow box of caramels. They are delicious! The noodles on the left is one that I've eaten before, and I like their texture. The center is a set of five different candies, and they make me want to decorate a gingerbread house with them. The dolphin candies are another DIY candy kit! And there's the assortment of treats with a gummy watermelon, some latte candies, some melon flavored hard candies, and a chestnut sweet.

These are mystery sets! Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, a dim sum set, and two Re-Ments with a Hello Kitty charm and a Japanese dish.

The blind bags are revealed! They are all adorable collectible items. The Re-Ment ones comes with the melon flavored gum.

More collectibles! There's a set of Western fast food meal erasers, an Iwako looking sponge cake log with strawberries eraser, two bowls of noodles charms, an Eeyore with a butterfly on his nose, a Tigger holding a rose, Beast, two Mickey Mouses, a tiny Minnie, and a Twin Stars charms!

There's two (very familiar, can't put my hand on what character it is) silicone bunnies for cooking, a The Dog plush, a green tofu charm, a set of domed holographic ice cream sundaes stickers, a notepad, and a Rilakkuma folder!

And the last item is a letter to me in this charming bento stationary set! AHHHH!

Peaches, I am very thankful for all these wonderful gifts you have given me. I hope you enjoy my gifts as much as I love yours. I am very excited about all the things you have chosen as well as embarrassed that I did not send you more stuff. But there will be a next time~!

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