Sunday, November 23, 2014

e.l.f. Site Haul

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Hey friends! I made my first e.l.f. purchase during one of their sales that I took advantage of and thought I'd share. They had a half off anything $3 and up that I coupled with their free shipping over $40.

What is it?

eyes lips face is an affordable cosmetics brand that is great for anyone's budget.


My haul costs $40.50 USD plus tax. I also got cashback from using a Discover credit card and Ebates.


Shipping is within the United States with free standard shipping after a certain amount. More info here.

You will receive a tracking number.

I ordered my package on August 7th, and arrived in less than a business week.


e.l.f. only has a giant plastic drawstring bag where they stuff all the products in. There's no padding to protect the products.


Studio Lash Collection in Flirty
$3.00 USD
As you can see from the photo, I used the false lashes by cutting it up and sticking that small false lash to the outer corners of my eyes. These lashes looked awfully unnatural because the longest strands are way too long. Plus, the tweezers are terrible and you're better off using your own tweezers or fingers to put them on.

Studio Makeup Remover Pen
$3.00 USD
This pen works great for a small mistake, much like using a cotton swab with some makeup remover, but in a more convenient fashion.

Studio Lip Lock Pencil
$3.00 USD
I still haven't tried this out yet, but I'm curious as to why the pencil is so thick?

Studio Lip Liner & Blending Brush in Natural
$3.00 USD
I was able to swatch this before I bought it, and the Natural color is pretty much the color of my lips. The brush is also a better lip brush than the actual Studio Retractable Lip Brush, as the fibers are stiff but soft, dense, and long, enabling you to put on a lip product and spread it easily without the fibers giving too much or it being too dense that it does not move the product at all.

Studio Mascara Primer
$3.00 USD
This product does its job quite well! It does not flatten a curl, and it does prime your lashes.

Studio Kabuki Face Brush
$6.00 USD
This is such a soft brush, but I haven't used it yet.

Studio Eyelash Curlers
$3.00 USD
This is a terrible eyelash curler for me. The radius of curvature is too small, making it only suitable for those with more bulging eyes or deepset eyes. I need something with a flatter curve. Besides the curvature issue, it also does not grab all of my lashes, as it misses both the lashes at the inner and the outer corners.

Studio Makeup Mist & Set
$3.00 USD for 60 mL
This looks like an interesting product, so I bought it. I still haven't tried it out yet.

Studio Makeup Lock & Seal
$3.00 USD for 15mL
I haven't tried it yet because I wanted to use it on loose eyeshadows to see how well it performs.

Brushes galore!

Studio Powder Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Complexion Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Blush Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Pointed Foundation Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Mineral Powder Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Small Stipple Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Small Tapered Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Flawless Concealer Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Concealer Brush
$3.00 USD

More brushes

Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Contour Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Small Angled Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Flat Eyeliner Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Small Precision Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Small Smudge Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush
$3.00 USD

Studio Retractable Lip Brush
$3.00 USD
This brush has a circular cross-section, and tapers off to a point. I find this to be a terrible brush. It doesn't hold onto whatever lip product you have on it very well, distributes the product poorly, leaves streaks, covers very little area at once, and you need to swipe this with some pressure to get the products on your lips.


e.l.f. products are such a good deal, even without their sales. They are pretty noob friendly due to the prices, and I don't have much duds so far. I had no problems with the site, the order, or the shipping. Overall, I am very satisfied.


If you go through Ebates, you can get some cashback. It's $10 credit to your account when you first sign up! I will also get $10 of credit.

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