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Memebox The Next Best Thing in Skin Care Unboxing

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My very first Memebox arrived! Yes~! It took me a while to make my first Memebox purchase after stalking the site for about half a year now, but I finally did! I'm probably going to stay on the Memebox bandwagon if the company does not stop curating these mystery boxes.

What is it?

Memebox is a South Korean based company that makes mystery cosmetic boxes that you can purchase until they run out of stock of that particular box.

As a skincare enthusiast, The Next Best Thing in Skin Care box is perfect for me! I was also curious as to what the next best thing in skincare is (or will be), and what Memebox feels is up to par on that aspect.

"So, what’s the next big secret to the Korean dewy, luminous skin? Memebox presents you with a box full of skin care trends and hot goodies that all Korean women are buzzing about! Say hello to a new generation of water packs, overnight sleeping masks, quick and easy multi-functional skin-conditioning sheets, and premium jelly capsule creams! Use this epic combination of fun, new age skin care miracles to discover the secret to gorgeous, youthful-looking skin."


This particular box is priced at $23 USD, and the lowest shipping cost of standard shipping is $6.99 USD. This would have cost $29.99 USD, but I purchased this with the Benton Value Set, and got $17 USD off with store credit and a discount code. This means I paid $42.99 USD for the skincare and the Benton boxes!


I ordered this box on Nov. 19th with standard shipping. It shipped Nov. 28th due to the stated shipping date that starts on the 28th, and I received this package on Dec. 12th. All packages come with a tracking number.


Memebox sends their packages in a pink bubble mailer. Once you open up the bubble mailer, you get a pink box. They also had packaging tissue within the box so the items will not rattle within the packaging.


It sucks that this box does not have an info card, but instead, has the url of all the info here.

Onto the goodies~!

And here's everything laid out. Look at all this stuff!

Lassie’el Night Miracle Sleeping Pack in Pearl and Egg
Full Size Value: ~$6 USD for one packet (two halves, 4g each half)
Product Size Value: ~$12 USD for both packets

These are adorable! They are sleeping packs, overnight moisturizing masks that are meant to be left onto the skin as the last step in a skincare routine. I got the Pearl and the Egg one. They even come with little spoons! Sadly, I don't see an ingredients list.

Blithe Patting Water Pack in Soothing & Healing Green Tea, Rejuvenating Purple Berry, and Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey
Full Size Value: ~$46 USD for 200mL
Product Size Value: ~$6.90 USD for six 5mL packs

These water packs are meant to be added to a container of water so that you can pat the solution onto your skin and is meant to replace a sheet mask. I find that pretty wasteful, and I will probably just take a spritz bottle and mix the packet with some water or watery solution and a preservative to create a mist or some sort of moisturizer. The mist sounds much more refreshing and less wasteful than just using the flavored water to wash my face... Plus, wouldn't putting the packet contents into a basin of water dilute the ingredients? How will that even be a replacement for a sheet mask?

Shara Shara Green Tea Seed Magic Balm
Full Size Value: ~$20 USD for 25 mL
Product Size Value: ~$20 USD for 25 mL

This smells terribly waxy, like crayons mixed with olive oil... I still haven't tried it yet, as I currently have other balms to use. I also don't see how this product is the next best thing. It's just a bland balm. And I cannot believe this rinky dink thing costs around $20 (depending on the seller)! Even Sephora sells better balms for less.

Dr. MJ Moisture Bounce Collagen Capsule Cream
Full Size Value: ~$54 USD for 50g
Product Size Value: ~$54 USD for 50g

This cream has pink capsules in it! But, the scent is kind of overbearing, a very strong floral smell. I don't think I can put this on my face without the feeling of retching.

AHC Hologram Active Gen Serum
Full Size Value: ~70 USD for 50mL
Product Size Value: ~70 USD for 50mL

The only thing innovative about this product is the double helix that in the middle of the serum that is not showing so well in the photo. The spiral is also iridescent and catches the light in rainbows. Besides the cool packaging of the serum with a double helix in the middle, the product itself offers no inventiveness with its ingredients.

IASO Intensive Clear Conditioner Sheets
Full Size Value: $12 USD for 15 sheets
Product Size Value: $12 USD for 15 sheets

Really, Memebox? Wet wipes? And for the ridiculous price, too. I can't even find an ingredients list for this and why it is so unique, so this is a meh item right now.

XO MEMEBOX Hydrogel Mask
Full Size Value: $3 USD for 1 mask
Product Size Value: $3 USD for 1 mask

This is probably the only thing that was right on theme, a gel mask! This will be my first gel mask, as I am just fine with the traditional papery masks and never really had the urge to try gel masks. It's nice that I get to try a new type of product.

Customer Service

This is an update because I decided to contact Memebox about the Shara Shara Green Tea Seed Magic Balm on Dec. 30th:
Hi Memebox,

I recently purchased The Next Best Thing in Skin Care Memebox, and I wanted to ask if my Shara Shara Green Tea Seed Magic is suppose to smell waxy, like crayons or olive oil. On top of that, there is this very sticky layer on top of the product that feels like glue and does not blend at all into my skin.

Thank you.
Memebox responded on the same day with:
Hi Lekorithe,

We are so sorry your box didn't come in perfect condition!

We've added $4 points to your account as compensation for sharashara lipstick. You can use your points just as cash up to $50 per purchase on any item available on our site! (points will be uploaded within 24 hours)

Thank you for understanding, enjoy Memebox :)

Happy Holidays,

h Memebox Global Team
But I asked about the Shara Shara balm and not their lipstick? And only 4 Memepoints for a supposed price of $25 that Memebox says retails for on their online info card? Additionally, they did not dispense my points within the 24 hour timeframe. I contacted them about 5 business days later to ask again through their online contact form. When I didn't receive a response, I went back to the first thread of conversation we had and rated the customer service as "bad, I'm unsatisfied" and I noted that I had not received my 4 Memepoints within the 24 hours since the last message. I never got a response from either messages, but I was credited with 8 Memepoints to my account.


Total Box Value: $177.90 USD

The total value of this is ridiculous! Consider the more probable cost of the mask packs as $4 for both, the Shara Shara balm for $7, and the conditioner sheets for $4. This would amount to $148.90, still around a six fold increase in value for the contents than for the purchase price of the mystery box.

I feel that Memebox was not on theme with the Shara Shara balm, as it is nothing unique. The capsule cream and the gen serum have great packaging and are the biggest items, so I will give Memebox that. The patting water mix is a new idea, but I would not use it the way it was instructed to be used. The little mask packs are pretty handy to have around, though, as an extra moisturizing step. For the next best thing in skincare, I thought it would include skincare ingredients that are trending right now, like bee venom, snail mucin, fermented things, syn-ake, or starfish, but I guess Memebox and I have different opinions.

Even though this review seems pretty negative and I am feeling meh about this box, I don't think this is that bad of a box and I would like this box even more if it was on theme. I feel that this is more of an overall skincare box by routine steps, not a next best thing box. Despite the difference in opinions, this is my first Memebox, and I am glad that this is the first one because I am definitely willing to try all of the items because the disappointment from this box stems from me feeling that Memebox veered off the theme for some items, not that the items are rubbish. I'll have to see if the items are any good at a later point in time.

Overall, I am content with this box.

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